The Long Meeting will forever be grateful to a lot of people met here and there around the world.

Sorry to those I forget...

Thanks particularly to Judy and Meng from China, Natalia from Russia, Lea and her daughter Alina from Switzerland, Louise from Great Britain, Alberto Artes from Brazil, Zaya and Tsogoo from Mongolia, Kenzo, Souleymane and Mister Niang from Senegal, Nicholas from Kenya

Thanks to François and Anne for their help in choosing dates by drawing lots in August 2003

Thanks to Tristram Wolff who did a lot in the understanding of the project by writting pages and pages for a workshop at university
to Gundel, for constant help and support
to Page à Page, Jean-Luc, Nicolas and Camille
to Adrian for his help to correct english texts
to Sylvie, Benji and Labomedia in Orléans, France

I would like to thank the DRAC Centre (Regional Department of Cultural Affairs) in Orléans, France, for its financial help, which made the whole project possible.

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